5 wellness tips to change your lifestyle

Sedentary and laziness, do not contribute to the improvement of a healthy lifestyle. Follow the advice of step by step; they will help to improve everyday life through some small gestures.

Very often because of the many commitments that crowd the mind and the daily life of each of us, we tend to forget what are the most appropriate behaviors for the care and maintenance of our body. Forget about some basic steps that improve the quality of life, could negatively affect the health of the individual. Not everyone knows that from a psychological malaise it can derive the most disparate allergies, intolerances, and diseases, unsuspiciously attributable to an improper lifestyle. Therefore it is right to undertake, in a healthy and balanced way, the way that leads to a deeper respect for oneself. Just remember to put in place every day, a small gesture that contributes to the health of our person, which depends on an infinite number of multiple factors. Keep in mind that health and well-being are directly proportional to the relationship you have with the environment. Let’s find out together the five habits that we should all adopt the correct range daily routine.

1. Respect a satisfactory but balanced diet.5 wellness tips to change your lifestyle

To follow a too rigid diet and enclosed within the narrow walls of too severe canons, risks becoming a problem. The secret is to use quality products, as for vegetables, for example, perhaps buying less but with the awareness of a better quality. The diet par excellence, healthy and balanced, rich in vitamins is called the Mediterranean diet. An important tip is to consume at least 1 / 5-2l of water over a period of 24 hours. The water purifies, hydrate and helps eliminate toxins, reducing accumulated water retention. Finally, do not forget to spoil yourself at least once a week. It is right once in a while to dedicate ourselves to one of our favorite dishes to satisfy both the body and the mind, but without exceeding it. Fundamental is the choice of this dish greedy (but not too much): it must be one and only one, for each week.

2. Practice physical activity in contact with nature.5 wellness tips to change your lifestyle

What healthy lifestyle would be without some movement? You can circumscribe, if you wish, at least two or three days a week. It is important to find a time when you have time, and if it is difficult to get it, it is good to find the way. This is for the simple reason that the movement of every single muscle of the body, whether it is a brisk walk, a run, swimming or aerobics, stimulates cellular activity and muscle oxygenation, not to mention the elimination of dead cells through sweating. It also drastically reduces the amount of stress and moodiness accumulated over time. It is preferable to carry out one’s physical activity in a place full of trees and greenery. This, linked to movement, improves blood circulation and promotes an optimal long-term health status.

3. Remember to breathe. (At least 5 minutes!)5 wellness tips to change your lifestyle

An exercise of breathing for about five minutes a day, whether sitting on the office chair or in home comfort, is essential for reducing stress. The rhythmically managed breath helps to conscious control of our body’s well-being. In fact, alternating a deep inhalation through the nostrils, to another equally profound exhalation, if performed gradually, helps to get rid of various discomforts.

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4. Stimulating memory helps to remove stress and anxiety.

Keeping the mind engaged is a real exercise. It is essentially a question of will. Keeping the thought busy in positive visions or simply focusing on details or details of everyday life or specific memories, can be a way (or even a “game”) that helps the relaxation of the psyche and therefore also of the body.

5. Sleep from 7 to 8 hours per night.5 wellness tips to change your lifestyle

The importance of sleep is often underestimated. But if it is estimated that currently, about a quarter of the population over the age of 40 suffers from insomnia, we understand how good it is not to take the act of sleeping lightly. It is good to go to bed no later than midnight, to help yourself with relaxing herbal teas based on mint ( with digestive properties ) or chamomile, which can better reconcile sleep. A good rest is at the base of any activity that takes place during the day: sleep helps to rebalance the activity of the synapses and to stimulate the memory. Moreover, another of the benefits of sleep is that it is good for the skin and organs from the heart to get to the eyes and avoid depression.

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