Why choose bifold doors?

When the time comes to choose your doors, you may look at the bifold options and wonder whether they are the ones best suited to your home. If you are not an expert, you may not know the advantages and disadvantages of this type of door, in which case you may need some help deciding whether you want to purchase bifold doors in Cirencester.

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What is a bifold door?

A bifold door is one built in two or more parts, with a hinge between the parts. This means that rather than just swinging open like a regular door, they fold back. You can have both internal and external bifold doors for different parts of your house. There are several reasons why you may choose this specific design:

Save space

For internal bifold doors in particular, the ability to fold it back means you can open your door and tuck it back again. It will not jut out into the room and become an obstruction.

More light

The openness of the bifold design means more light can travel through your home. More natural light has benefits in everything from energy efficiency to health.

Better view

This openness also means you have a better view outside. You can see more of your house and garden, with less of a barrier between them.

Modern or traditional

You can install bifold doors Cirencester in both traditional and contemporary homes thanks to their versatility in terms of material, colour and design.

Different materials

Your bifold door can be made of wood, aluminium or composite to name just a few options. Different materials have different aesthetics, durability and levels of security.

Different glazing

Choices are also available in terms of how you glaze your doors, such as making them double or triple-glazed to improve energy efficiency. Glazing also has implications for security.

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Bifold doors can be modified in terms of colour and material to better suit their surroundings, and have advantages in terms of space and light. Combined with the right features for energy efficiency and security, they could soon make you feel more comfortable at home.

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