Frightening flora – plants you don’t need in your garden

You probably know what plants are best for your garden and which ones you should avoid. You should be careful if you are new to gardening. Some plants may cause more trouble than they are worth. Some plants may be better kept indoors or in a pot if you have pets or small children. Here’s a guide that will help you identify which plants are likely to cause problems.

Aloe Vera

Many people love this succulent and it has been used for many years to benefit health. This plant is perfect for treating skin conditions, such as burns. If you have pets in your yard, you may end up paying for vet bills in case they ingest any aloe vera. The juice that is found just beneath the surface of the plant can be toxic, and your beloved pet could suffer from severe abdominal pains and upset. Keep it indoors if you believe in the healing properties of aloe.

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This beautiful bloom is used to cover pagodas and provide privacy. It also has gorgeous purple flowers. However, the roots are not beautiful as they can spread a long distance from where the plant is located. It can easily take over any trees or other objects if you do not spend time pruning each year. This plant can live for hundreds of years, so take it seriously before you introduce it to your garden.


It is a plant that requires a lot of maintenance. Once the leaves have fallen, they need to be cleaned up. The stalks will also need to be regularly trimmed. It’s not worth the effort because it only blooms one week a year and attracts many insects. For suitable Plants for Trade, visit a site like

Water Hyacinth

This attractive flowering plant is often used in water features and ponds as a natural purifier. The watery bloom may get out of hand. The Water Hyacinth can completely dominate a pond and choke out fish, plants, and other life. Choose something less invasive to replace these beautiful light purple flowers.

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This plant is often misidentified as horseradish, but you don’t want to touch it! Even just touching the leaves of this dark purple flower can cause numbness and death to an adult.


Bamboo gives a garden an exotic feel, which is why it’s so popular. Once it gets established, bamboo can be a real devil. If it grows too close to your home, you might need to install barriers to stop its roots from spreading. Try a less invasive bamboo variety, such as Bambusa Borinda.

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