How to enhance your home’s kerb appeal

A potential buyer’s first impression of your home can hugely influence their decision to put in an offer. You may be familiar with the experience of having a prospective buyer arrange to see your property, but before they have even entered your house, they seem a bit.flat. It may be that your home lacks ‘kerb appeal’.

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What is kerb appeal?

Properties with kerb appeal grab you as soon as you set eyes on them. Even if the old saying that it takes house hunters only a few seconds to decide whether or not to put an offer in on a property is a little exaggerated, nevertheless, first impressions matter when it comes to selling your home, and kerb appeal can add value. If you need to improve your property’s kerb appeal to sell, or just to make your property generally more attractive, here are some things to consider.


It may seem obvious, but if part of your property is painted, a fresh lick of paint will do wonders, making the property seem fresher and cleaner.

The practicalities

If you leave your bins at the front of your property, it might be wise to move them while you have viewings.

Old or rusty garage door? This can also be off-putting to buyers and isn’t something homeowners often think of when sprucing up their property. Those looking for new garage doors Bristol should consider whether they could modernise to a motorised option that may entice buyers, and some specialists like Up and Over Doors Ltd have sophisticated matching garage and front door sets that can smarten up your home.

The garden

If you have a front garden, making sure that is tidy and weed-free and the lawn is mowed, is vital. It is even better if you can fill your space with beautiful plants and landscaping.

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If selling in winter, or even just having nighttime viewings, a light over your door, around the perimeter walls or along your path can add ambience and sophistication to your property.

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