How To Combat Depression And Find The Smile

The advice to fight and get out of depression: heal through remedies, tricks, and exercises to regain the smile and live better.

Healing from depression is a difficult challenge to which many people are subjected throughout their lives. The depression clinic, the duly established, manifests accompanied by many symptoms. The sufferer can no longer have an interest or pleasure in activities that interest hand first and made feel good, you feel irritable, tired, and his mind is crossed by continuous negative thoughts mainly concerning the meaning of life itself increasingly difficult to find if investigated under negative this view.

When and who is suffering from depression?

A suffer from depression are 15 people out of 100 that fall in this recurrent disorder which seriously jeopardizes relations in the social sphere, but also in general everyday life.

Depression usually occurs for two main reasons …

– Hereditary factor;

– Psychological factors depend on a particular experience, such as emotional disappointment, bereavement, relationship problems or work. Which acts as a trigger the first episode of this suffering. Depression is a disease and as such should be effectively addressed and treated clinically using the cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy through, which the person is helped to become aware of the vicious circles that prevent the recovery and instead, helps individuals break free from recurring disease, preventing even the subsequent relapses.

How To Combat Depression And Find The Smile

Matter of vitamins!

But depression may well, in some cases, also by a lack of vitamin B in the diet of every day. And this is the reason which explains why many people with eating disorders suffer actually also depression.

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Natural remedies to reduce the depression

Among the existing remedies in nature, we find, for example, the tea to cardamom whose seeds are particularly effective to combat depression. They must be gently crushed, filtered and infused drank twice a day.

But a valuable remedy also resides in fruit, especially in apples that contain abundant vitamin B and are therefore a panacea for the nerve cells.

Still, cashew nuts, fish, shellfish (oysters, clams, and mussels), but also eggs and vegetables (asparagus, broccoli, spinach) are foods that can bring a smile to the table!

Healing from depression with sport

As well as treating, the power to heal from depression may also be useful a targeted exercise. A fit body, in fact, is an excellent remedy to relax the mind by reducing stress and anxiety: the perfect exercise to fight depression! The movement helps to expel contaminants from the body, reducing stress and increasing the production of a brain molecule with the same effect of several antidepressants.

Eastern philosophies of Smiles

The depression does not allow the sufferer to hear in-depth the real needs of their person or to seek the energy you need to get out of a state of “total darkness”. Meditation is a practice useful for this purpose with proven beneficial effects on mood, the mind, and the entire body. Constant practice, such as that of yoga, it helps to develop the emotional control and the ability to negative thoughts and replace them with a sense of inner peace and bliss.

Or even the acupuncture, founded on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, helps to reduce the anxiety, the anguish and the sense of loss felt during the most acute phases of depression. The task of acupuncture is to restore harmony by releasing or driving the flows of energy and thereby help to bring attention to the close connection between the mind and the body.

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