Six Common TV Problems

We have all experienced that frustrating feeling you get when something is wrong and your usual TV routine is put in jeopardy because the picture quality is bad, the sound is distorted, or there’s simply something untoward happening with the TV. With that in mind, here are six of the most common TV problems and what you can do about them.


If you’ve ever had an issue where a double image appears on your TV, this is known as ‘ghosting’. You’re actually getting two signals in this situation, hence the two images. In many cases, this is because a larger building is reflecting the signal. Changing the aerial direction should fix the issue

Weak TV Signal

This is the problem most people will suffer from. A booster could help, but a stronger aerial is also a good idea, so specialists in TV aerial repair Cheltenham or elsewhere might be your next option.

Electrical Interference

The electrical appliances within your home can interfere with your aerial’s ability to give you a clear picture. If you notice the picture gets worse when you’re using the microwave or vacuum cleaner, this is a sure sign. It might also be a larger appliance, such as a freezer or boiler. Switch these appliances off one by one to see if it makes a difference.

Cable Deterioration

If the cable from your aerial has deteriorated, the best option is to get a new aerial installed. Not only will TV aerial repair Cheltenham or the surrounding areas fix the cable problem, but you can upgrade your aerial at the same time.

A Damaged Aerial

Your TV aerial is in a vulnerable position and open to the elements, meaning it can easily become damaged. Although it might be possible to repair the aerial, in most cases, it makes more financial sense to have experts replace the aerial with a new one.

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Aerial Outlet

Finally, it could be the aerial outlet that is giving you TV problems. If it’s not connected properly, the aerial won’t work, so it’s always worth checking. Only consider going onto the roof to check the aerial if you have specialist equipment and experience. Although this might seem like a small job, it’s usually safest to get experts in TV aerial repair in Cheltenham or elsewhere to ensure it’s done safely and correctly.

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