How to Encourage Responsible Phone Use in Teens

One way to help your teen learn about responsible phone usage is to set rules. You can create a mobile phone contract with your teen and post it prominently. Set clear consequences if he or she breaks the rules. Set an example of responsible use yourself. Make sure to model responsible behaviour and set aside mobile phone free family time. Your teen is also watching your actions, so don’t be afraid to set boundaries for the whole family.

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Lastly, you can limit how much your teen can use their phone. For example, you can restrict their phone usage during homework time, or prohibit it if their grades are suffering. Also, teens shouldn’t be using their phone until the early morning hours. If they keep their phones in their bedrooms, they’ll likely respond to text messages and social media updates, disrupting their sleep. Keeping the phone out of the room while studying may seem extreme, but this will also teach them about responsible phone use. For advice on the best features for teens, visit a Vodafone Drogheda store at a site like

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Teens are exposed to a variety of negative influences, including cyberbullying and the over-reliance on peer-validation on social media. Common Sense Media recommends parents limit the features of smartphones and supervise their use. Nonetheless, this age is often a time when many feel entitled to their own smartphones and develop important life skills. For this reason, parents need to be more active in their children’s social media use. Encourage them to tell you about their experiences on social media.


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