Autumn Garden Maintenance Jobs

Garden maintenance is something that all gardeners prioritise at this time of the year. As the summer is over, there are lots of jobs to be done in the garden to keep it in good condition, as well as to prepare for next year!

Autumn is actually one of the busiest times of the year for gardeners, as the seasons change it is a race to get everything ready for the winter, and beyond.

The lawn is something many gardeners take a lot of pride in – one of the most satisfying things to achieve in your garden is a neat and well-groomed lawn. However, this year has been particularly challenging when it comes to lawn care. The very hot summer temperatures that we have seen throughout July and August, as well as the hosepipe bans have left a lot of lawns in a very sorry state! Give your lawn one last mow before the winter – this is also the time for some lawnmower care and maintenance. Give it a good clean, and if you need to make repairs you can get replacement parts online from places like this mountfield parts supplier

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If you have bushes, trees and shrubs, this is the time of the year to give them a good prune. For trees that bear fruit, it is particularly important that you prune them, to increase the fruit that they bear next year. Another reason that this is the best time to do this is because it is outside of bird nesting season, so you are not going to be disturbing birds who are trying to raise their young. It can be wise to get a tree surgeon in at this time of the year, as trees that are diseased or old can be more at risk of falling over the winter months.

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Looking towards spring, now is a time to get some bulbs planted in beds, tubs and around garden borders. Adding mulch to the area is also a good thing to do at this time of the year, as well as helping the plants and the soil, it is also beneficial to insects over the winter months. You may also want to protect plants that are not very hardy from the frost.

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