Upcycled, repurposed wood for your flooring?

Repurposing wood for floors and other items has become a popular trend in interior design, and it’s also environmentally friendly. Upcycling is even better, as a form of recycling that creates a better item than the original. With repurposed or upcycled wood, you get a great mixture of green ethos and flooring that is full of character.

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Repurposed wood can add a lot of character to a home and create a beautifully warm and resonant backdrop for family life. Upcycled wood can come from several sources and is very versatile. When it has been cleaned up, sanded back and refinished, the original features of the wood can shine through. It can take a lot of work, and this report from The Telegraph contains some interesting ideas for putting repurposed wood to good use.


However, in modern homes, especially when children and pets are involved, flooring needs to be able to take a lot of punishment. So, there are other options, including wood veneer and laminate flooring, which may deliver all the appearance of an upcycled wood floor, with more convenience. Technology has advanced so far that rare and expensive woods can be reproduced in an especially hard wearing format, at an extremely reasonable price.

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Some of the best laminate wood floors contain several layers, the top one being clear to give the floor a protective layer. Beneath that is what can be called the design layer, that resembles wood. The design layer can be imprinted with the texture and grain of real wood, including repurposed and upcycled timber. Then there is a resin core and a waterproof layer to keep the floor stable and ensure it does not absorb any moisture. This type of flooring can be available in a wide range of colours and styles, including white laminate flooring.

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If you want to know more about repurposed laminate wood flooring or other options it would be a good idea to contact an for information and advice.

Today, wood flooring is within everyone’s reach. There are lots of options to choose from, and laminates are incredibly versatile, delivering the look of repurposed wood in a form that will give many years of service, and require very little maintenance to keep looking good.

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