How to Dispose of Confidential Business Waste

If you’re running a commercial business, it’s vital that you know how to dispose of confidential business waste. Failure to do this can lead to significant consequences for your organisation. A breach of the Data Protection Act can land a business with a fine of up to half a million pounds! This applies to companies who are caught not disposing of confidential waste in a secure manner. For more information on Confidential paper shredding Birmingham, try a company like Printwaste, a leading Confidential paper shredding Birmingham firm.

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Confidential waste is anything that has personal information on it. This includes financial documents, credit score information, medical records and employee details. It can also include documents with intellectual property.

The data protection act is a law that requires businesses to hold and dispose of sensitive information in a secure manner. This can prevent information breaches and expensive data leaks.

Businesses that produce a lot of paper-based documents are at risk. They should follow the steps below to ensure their sensitive data is destroyed securely.

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First, identify where the most sensitive information is stored. It would help if you considered where printers are located and any other areas where the likelihood of theft or misuse is high. Also, be sure to review any organisation’s data retention period.

Next, make a map of your business premises. Look for areas of risk and determine the frequency of collections. When you have a clear idea of where your company’s sensitive waste is, it’s easier to select the best location for your confidential waste bins.


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