The truth behind four common same day delivery myths

Delivery services have previously earned a reputation for being unreliable, costly, and inconvenient. In today’s consumer market, however, expectations have changed. Consumers now demand goods delivered at speed, for a reasonable cost, with business lost if a seller is unable to meet these requirements.

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People now expect to see all online retailers offering a similar delivery service to consumer favourite, Amazon Prime. 55% of consumers want the option of selecting a 2-hour delivery window on their deliveries.

Myth: Same day delivery is costly

The truth is that reputable companies offer a simple fee structure with no hidden charges or costs. The speed, distance, and size of the delivery are all used to calculate a simple price.

Myth: Same day delivery is only available during specific timeframes

The truth is, a reliable company will offer express delivery and courier services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

Myth: Same day delivery is unreliable

Reliable couriers often handle one package at a time to minimise the risk of deliveries being lost or delivered incorrectly. Many utilise GPS technology so that full tracking of a shipment is available in real-time. A reliable service will guarantee a delivery within the required timescales.

Myth: Consumers don’t care about same-day delivery

The truth is that around 80% of surveyed online consumers want and expect an express delivery option available to them at checkout and demand a same day courier Liverpool or wherever they live.

Courier Services

A specialist, professional courier service will commit to the collection of goods in their area within a 60-minute timeframe. They have a plethora of courier drivers available to them, even for the most urgent and time-sensitive shipments. They will have a range of fleet vehicles available and suitable for every type of package. They will offer to provide a same day courier Liverpool, London or Leeds.

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In order for businesses and merchants to succeed, it is crucial that they source a means of offering the same day delivery service that a customer now demands.

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