The 5 Best Cars with 7 Seats in 2017

In this guide you can find the 10 best 7 seater cars on the market, both in SUV format and in Monovolumen format, a selection made with strictly editorial criteria and without the intervention of the brands. Our team of editors punctuates all the cars of the market and among them, we have extracted the 7 places that we find more complete and more round for a large family that aspires to fill at least once in a while those 7 places.

If you are interested in 7 seater cars but do not want to limit yourself to our selection of the best, you can consult our complete guide with all the 7 seater cars on the market. In it, you will find all that are in this same guide along with all its rivals of all categories.

If you are looking for an SUV, we also have a guide specialized in this type of body with all the SUV of 7 seats in the market, and if you are looking for a minivan, we also have a guide of minibuses of 7 middle places centered on this Format and another with the large 7 seater people for those who use the extra trunk seats.

Volvo XC90

Nya Volvo XC90 2015

The Volvo XC90 is a big to do Camino with seven real seats.  It is on sale since 2015, with a somewhat limited range at the moment.  It stands out for its very efficient new engines and safety equipment.

The Volvo XC90 is one of those cars that clearly stand out among the best 7-seater models on the market. It has 7 comfortable seats that can easily transport 7 adults, leaving still a very useful luggage compartment (although not for the complete luggage of so many people).

The Volvo XC90 is not only a very spacious 7 seats, it is also a luxury vehicle in which to travel in an exquisite environment of comfort and design, powered by 4-cylinder engines and high efficiency. Its exterior design is both powerful, exclusive and discreet, while its interior is a true luxury rolling lounge.

It draws attention to the careful design and finish of its interior and the mime with which all the surfaces that can be seen and touched have been treated. Leather, wood, aluminum and very little plastic are what we will have around, especially if we opt for the upholstered leather dashboard. The care of the detail is not limited to the most obvious, but also extends to the interface of the vertical touch screen, with menus, fonts, and colors at the height of the rest of the car.

The basic does not reach 200 hp but has sufficient thrust because the car is relatively light. The top of the range is the XC90 T8 Twin Engine, a plug-in hybrid version of 400 hp with minimum fuel consumption and infarction performance.

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Audi Q7

The 5 Best Cars with 7 Seats in 20171

One of the most luxurious SUVs on the market, it can have a lot of equipment and a high-performance diesel engine.  It is also interesting to have up to seven seats, a detail that has always positively valued users

It is inevitable that luxury cars will end up scoring higher on our list, as is the case of the Audi Q7. We can consider it as the main rival of the Volvo XC90 in both technology and space and interior quality. The difference between the two is minimal.

The best of the Audi Q7, apart from its 7 comfortable seats, is the quality and design of its interior, with that minimalist luxury aesthetic that characterizes the latest Audi and that we have liked so much in their latest products.

On the contrary, the exterior design of the Q7 seems to have a major problem of proportions because after the time it is already in the market it is still quite strange from certain angles and it is not something that is corrected by changing the color or the tires. Moreover, the Q7 engine has a very wide range of power and fuels (gasoline, diesel, hybrid Q7 e-Tron PHEV) that can satisfy the most demanding with the latest technology.

Range Rover Sport

The 5 Best Cars with 7 Seats in 20172

Few people know that the Range Rover Sport has the option of adding two extra seats in the trunk, perhaps because it has not been promoted as much as in the Q7 or XC90. It is an option that does not count the Range Rover, his older brother, despite sharing platform and interiors.

The interior design of the Range Rover is superb and sets itself as the third in contention when it comes to the best cockpit on the planet.

With respect to its rivals, these 7 places have the clear advantage of having a behavior outside the really beastly asphalt. The Range Rover is able to reach as far as the others would probably not arrive with such exotic features as a 90 cm wading height, plus the most modern and sophisticated traction control, gearbox, differential lock and height adjustment at the floor.

This impressive vehicle has as a counterpart software that is behind the competition in the infotainment section but otherwise is an option of the most interesting.

Mercedes V Class

The 5 Best Cars with 7 Seats in 20173

Enormous inside stands out for its many possibilities of equipment, and the variety of bodies and levels of finish. It is manufactured in Spain for the main international markets

The Mercedes V-Class is an industrial van converted into a luxury bus, which earns its presence on this list for being the most spacious vehicle in the whole category and able to accommodate up to 8 occupants, lacking 7, with all necessary luggage to make a powerful trip.

Its trunk opens practically from the height of the knees until beyond our head and is divided into two levels. They fit suitcases until they get bored.

Its interior is perfectly finished in first class materials and its comfort of march is to the height of the best minivan. The dashboard is nice and designed with the same style as that of its branded brothers, although it maintains an analog box. Even the driving feel is quite acceptable, with a very vertical steering wheel and a large car reaction, but not a truck.

its clear point against it is precisely its best virtue too: it is an industrial vehicle, something that we remember when going up, down, when parking or maneuvering such a bus and even with the echoes of a van that are produced inside it when it is empty, such is the size of the passenger compartment.

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Hyundai Grand Santa Fe

The 5 Best Cars with 7 Seats in 20174

The Hyundai Grand Santa Fe is the extended version of the Santa Fe, with 7 seats and 5-year warranty

The Hyundai Grand Santa Fe is 7 seats with a high level of style, complete equipment, a remarkable interior quality and a frankly competitive price. It becomes a very interesting alternative for a customer who would like to have a Q7 but has half the budget since the car will fulfill the same functions and give the same satisfactions except for the presumed brand prestige and that last tip of technology.

It is curious that the non-extended version, the Hyundai Santa Fe also has 7 seats in option, but if we are going to use them with some frequency we would recommend the Grand Santa Fe clearly for that plus of breadth it brings.

The brand offers 5 years of series guarantee, well above the market average without paying a plus and has nothing to envy to the best European or Japanese brands.

It is interesting to also note as a very option to take into account the Kia Sorrento, cousin-brother of the Hyundai Grand Santa Fe which also has 7 seats, a level of finishes even higher and a price of the most competitive. In addition, the Sorrento has a 7-year warranty, something totally unusual in the market and that makes it a car to buy very quietly.


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