Puretech Citroen Engine Best In The World

Puretech Citroen Engine Best In The World

The PureTech family of three-cylinder gasoline engines is enriched with the introduction of PureTech 110, PureTech 110 S & S and PureTech 130 S & S turbo-compressed versions, which add to the PureTech 68, PureTech 75, PureTech 82 and PureTech 82 S & S engines. This diversity of offer is obtained thanks to the taking into account of the modularity in the design of the Puretech engine. Thus, 40% of the parts of the Turbo engines are common with the atmospheric engines The organic definition of the variants PureTech 110 S & S and PureTech 130 S & S are identical, the latter are differentiated only by their settings and their gearboxes.

Environmentally friendly, the Citroen PureTech engine (excluding New C1 ) now meets the new Euro 6 pollution control standard.

The entire PureTech engine family benefits from architectural choices and technologies guided by the desire to limit fuel consumption and pollutant emissions from combustion.Puretech Citroen Engine Best In The World

The main solutions that contribute to this optimization are as follows:

  • 3-cylinder architecture allowing compact dimensions and reduced weight of the Puretech engine
  • Reduction of mechanical losses by friction :
    • Use of low friction materials on the pistons (DLC)
    • Use of suitable technologies such as controlled oil pump or wet timing belt in the oil,
    • Dimensioning of each optimized part.
  • Fuel injection system with high pressure at 200 bar
  • Adapted combustion technology (optimization of the aerodynamics of the combustion chamber, variable intake and exhaust timing, cylinder head 4 valves per cylinder}

With a high degree of technicality, the Engine family PureTech Citroen represents 121 patents filed by the PSA Group.

Glossary On The Engine Puretech Citroen:

EB Geographical name defining the new gasoline engine.

EB2 TURBO 3-cylinder engine of the EB family, with a capacity of 1199 cm ‘, using turbocharging technology –

EURO 6 Compressor European emission standards, known as Euro standards, are European Union regulations that set Maximum emission limits for motor vehicles, This is a set of increasingly stringent standards for new vehicles. Their goal is to reduce air pollution from road transport. The Euro 6 standard will come into effect in the market for all passenger cars.

In particular, it lays down more stringent targets for nitrogen oxide emissions, which should not exceed 80 mg/km.

DLC (Diamond like Carbon) Coating used on the piston pins, the segments, and the pushers to limit the friction

Variable setting Variable opening and closing angle of the valves according to the engine speed, allowing a better combustion and an optimization of the performances of the Engine in Power and Torque.

PureTech The commercial name of the EB engine family, designating both atmospheric and turbo-compressed versions.

Piloted oil pump Oil flow adjusted to the exact requirement of Lubrication.

Puretech Citroen Engine: TechnologyPuretech Citroen Engine Best In The World

Optimized Puretech Engines

To meet the requirements for reducing Euro 6 emissions and reduce consumption, CITROËN has a new family of atmospheric and turbo-compressed 3-cylinder engines.

The Puretech Citroen Atmospheric Engine

This new range of Essence engines produced 100%, was launched name Citroen C3.

More compact, the new 3-cylinder naturally aspirated Puretech Citroen engine reduces fuel consumption and CO emissions by up to 25% compared to 4-cylinder engines of the same power. The driver benefits from increased fuel consumption. About 1.5 liters per 100 km while maintaining an optimal driving pleasure.

The Puretech Citroen Turbo-Compressed Engine

Anticipating the Euro 6 standard, this Puretech engine produced in the PureTech 130 S & S version on the Citroen C4 and then in the PureTech 110 S & S version on the Citroen C4 Cactus and continues its roll-out to the various families of the range.

This new turbo-compressed 3-cylinder petrol engine comes from the atmospheric version.

It is equipped with a new generation turbo high efficiency (240,000 rpm) and offers the best compromise between low-end torque and power, with 95% of available torque from 1,500 rpm and up to 3,500 rpm. The turbo-compressed versions of the PureTech Citroen engine family reduce fuel consumption and CO emissions by up to 21% compared to 4-cylinder engines of the same power.

Puretech Citroen Engine: TechnologyPuretech Citroen Engine Best In The World

1.Optimized Combustion

  • 200 bar direct injection – combustion chamber designed for operation with high residual gas rates.
  • Variable camshaft timing system for optimum performance on all engine operating points.

2.Reducing Friction

  • Optimized dimensioning, dropping of drums, belt distribution in oil.
  • Innovative coating low friction_
  • Piloted oil pump.


  • High specific performance level 80 kW / I and 190 Nm / L thanks to a high-performance, new-generation Turbo offering maximum torque over a wide range from 1,500 rpm to 3,500 rpm.

4.Stop & Start Optimized

  • Reduction of the energy required for restarting.
  • Increased system availability, optimization of electrical energy management

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Puretech Engine: Strong Points

Exceptional Driving Approval

  • The new PureTech 130 Se.tS turbo-compressed 3-cylinder engine proves that downsizing can be at the service of performance and driving sensations.
  • Equipped with high-pressure direct injection and a high-performance new-generation Turbo (running at 240,000 rpm), it offers outstanding driving pleasure from the lowest engine speeds. Thus, with a maximum torque of 230 Nm obtained from 1750 rpm, it displays the best compromise low torque regime/market power. In addition, 95% of the torque remains available between 1,500 and 3,500 rpm, making it optimal for use in all circumstances.

Design for Reliability without Compromise

Before they were launched, Citroen PureTech engines were tested very hard, with more than 25,000 hours of engine bench testing and more than 1.6 million kilometers driven.

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