Reasons You Need a Notary

There is a time in most people’s lives where they will need to deal with legal documents. Not everyone is a lawyer, though, and they might not know how to write the documents they need. They also are unable to make them official on their own. For certain legal actions, you’ll need a notary signature to make it an official action and to be filed in the courthouse.

Why to Hire a Notary

Notaries can be used for a variety of things such as a will, power of attorney agreement, or property deeds. The purpose of using a notary is to ensure that all necessary parties read and sign legal documents and do so without being pressured by any other party. You can also use a notary in situations where a person needs to be under oath in order to sign a document.

Hiring a notary can make the process of solidifying a legal document much easier. Instead of having to sit in your lawyer’s office and pay their high fees, you can call a notary. Most of them will travel to meet you or work hours around other people’s schedules. Their fees are also often cheaper than working with a lawyer.

When You Need a Notary

The most common reason people need a notary is because they’ve just bought a house. Notaries are used to help make official the signing of a mortgage and the title of a home. They can also assist with buying and selling cars on your own (not through a dealership). In the event you needed to claim power of attorney for a family member, you would need a notary to draw up the proper paperwork proving you legally have that right. Notaries are also involved in the process of writing and filing a living will.

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