What Is The Best Heating System For Your Property?

What Is The Best Heating System For Your Property?

The choice of the type of heating depends largely on the condition of your home. Indeed, some types are not suitable for old houses. In addition, the types of existing heaters in these homes are no longer used at present. Technology has evolved to offer more comfort and to be more economical.

How to choose the type of heating to use on your property? To keep warm during the winter, the market offers a wide range of heating systems. The choice of the latter depends on a large number of parameters. This article introduces you to the heating systems that are commonly used to heat a home and also helps you find the system that’s right for you.

Some practical tips for finding a heating system adapted to your home

To enjoy a minimum of comfort in your home, it is essential to have a heating system. These systems are constantly evolving and performing better than ever. In a house, such a system is often of an individual type while in a building or condominium, the heating system is a collective system.

It should be noted, however, that a collective system does not mean that the bill is too. Indeed, since 1974, the collective heating buildings have an obligation to provide individual costs.

Which are the parameters entering in the choice of the type of heating?What Is The Best Heating System For Your Property?

The criteria for choosing a heating system are:

·         The type of installation:

For heating with gas, oil or wood, it is necessary to have a boiler. It is, therefore, necessary to provide a substantial budget because the installation of this device is relatively high. Indeed, some work is to be done during the installation of the boiler and the installation of the distribution network. Heat pump systems are also very expensive because they require additional and complex installations. For a cheaper solution, it is interesting to opt for an electric heating system. Indeed, the installation of an electric heater is much less expensive and for the start, just plugs it into a power outlet.

·         Effectiveness:

The main advantage of electric heating is speed. As soon as it is plugged in, the temperature begins to increase. However, it suffers from a huge disadvantage: this system does not offer a homogeneous distribution of heat. For more efficiency, it is better to choose more efficient systems such as heat pumps, gas or wood.

·         Use:

To enjoy a more practical use, it is more advantageous to rely on an electric heater. In addition, some of these systems have some new technologies making their use much more convenient: the possibility of adjustment and programming.

·         Storage:

Oil, wood or biomass heating systems require the establishment of a specific location for fuel storage. They are therefore less practical than gas, electric or heat pump if one does not have an additional location.

·         The aesthetics:

In terms of aesthetics, it is the electric heating system that stands out the most. Indeed, various modes of electric heaters are available. We can choose from a wide range of design and colors.

In general, electric and gas heating systems are the most used in the city. However, more and more people are currently turning to using renewable energy to heat themselves.

·         The electric heating systemWhat Is The Best Heating System For Your Property?

This system has a wide range of devices such as convectors or radiant panels. It has two main advantages: cost and ease of use. Indeed, you just have to connect it to the mains. In addition, it is easily adjustable and can be programmed for more independent use.

However, the electric heating system is far from the ideal system. It has many disadvantages, the main one is undoubtedly its energy consumption. The end of the month will, therefore, be saltier than usual. Such a system is 20 to 25% more “voracious” than gas.

To turn to electric heating, it is better to study the insulation of the housing to avoid losses as much as possible. People who live in small spaces are the most advantaged. However, it must be known that the technological evolution of the electric radiator has made it possible to reduce this large energy consumption.

·         The gas heating system

Gas heating is a much cheaper system than the electrical solution. It is also more ecological. This device offers an interesting yield. Its effectiveness is no longer to be verified. Finally, gas heating is more resistant. It’s a long-term investment.

It still presents a major drawback: the price. Its installation is much more expensive. In addition, you must live in a dwelling close enough to the city to benefit from city gas.

·         Oil heating

Oil is the ideal option for homes that are not in the gas distribution network. It offers good heat distribution and runs throughout the day. However, as far as the economy issue is concerned, it is a different story. Indeed, the price of fuel continues to increase and the price of the installation is as exorbitant as that of gas heating.

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·         Wood heating

Wood heating is a very environmentally friendly type of heating. On the market, there are usually two types: heating with a stove and one with a fireplace. The price of this system does not very much and that of the fuel is very affordable. By opting for the installation of a heat recovery unit, the efficiency of the system can be improved.

·         Solar heating

The use of solar energy has become more and more popular lately. It is a totally free energy and very ecological. Its main drawback is its installation price. In addition, to make up for the shift that is common, it is necessary to have an auxiliary solar heating system.

·         The heat pump

This system uses the geothermal system. It restores more energy than it consumes. Its performance is less effective during extremely cold periods. During these periods, it is therefore highly recommended to have an additional heating system. Heat pumps are less polluting and above all more economical. These are systems to heat and cool some parts of your home.

·         Less common heating systems

The biomass heating system exploits the energy generated by the combustion of organic matter of animal and vegetable origin. It is a low pollution system compared to other systems using fossil energy. Its price does not very much.

The baseboard heating is similar to the heating ceiling system or the heating walls. There are two types of plinth heating: electric and water radiator heating.

Which are the best heaters from the economic point of view and comfort?What Is The Best Heating System For Your Property?

It is important to choose your heating system. Nowadays, the trend is towards ecological heating. How to decide?

·         Some notions of comfort

Is the level of comfort the same for all heating systems? The answer is of course no. Of all types of systems, various forms of heat diffusion can be distinguished. One can quote the heat transfer by convection or by radiation.

This heat exchange can be done with or without inertia. There are also small electric heaters that are very useful for heating a small space. Finally, for more comfort, it is also possible to install heated floors at very low temperatures.

·         Heat emitters

Which heat emitters offer the most comfort? It is difficult to answer this question. Indeed, the comfort that everyone feels for a type of issuer is purely subjective. However, some factors of comfort are universal: the quality of the insulation which makes it possible to make the economy on your bill of the end of the month, the homogeneity of the distribution of the temperature and a well studied ventilation. The electric convector, the heater, and the fan coil do not allow you to enjoy all these advantages.

The system that stands out for its many qualities is the hot water loop that can be associated with a renewable energy source. Solar is the most used for this system. The solar panel can supply the house with sanitary hot water and serve as a backup system to provide more than 30% of the heating. The ideal device is a heat generator that is cut with a heated floor and of course solar panels as an auxiliary source.

New and old houses, how to choose the ideal heating mode?What Is The Best Heating System For Your Property?

In order to properly manage the electricity bills at the end of the month, it is very important to respect the criteria for choosing the heating system. These differ according to the state of your accommodation.

·         What system for an old house?

When determining the heating system, it is advisable to always check the quality of the insulation of the house. This approach is also valid for new housing. All heat losses must be considered. According to ADEME, more than 30% of the heating losses are located at the level of the roof of the house.

The walls, meanwhile, leave, in general, spend more than 25% heat. It is therefore important to thermally isolate these key areas of the house. Indeed, installing a powerful heating system will be of no use to you if more than 50% of the heats are evacuated.

If your home has an open fireplace, it is more advantageous to opt for the fireplace insert. This solution is even safer because it greatly reduces the risk of fire. In addition, the pollution rate of your home will be very low.

For additional heating, opt for the wood stove. This is the smartest choice in terms of cost and economy. Indeed, wood is the cheapest fuel on the market. The cost of this installation is affordable and you gain in performance. It is also possible to invest in a heat pump. It is an ideal option for heating a large room.

·        How to efficiently heat a new home?

For a new house, from the construction phase, it is important to study its orientation. Indeed, a southern exposure is much more advantageous for the optimization of its energy consumption. It is also interesting to have some glazed surfaces so that heat can penetrate the housing.

The choice of heating system to install also depends on your location. Indeed, for very sunny places, do not bother to invest in an expensive system. However, it is very important to study the insulation device of the house.

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