‘Doctor Strange’, the magic of Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Giacchino

“Movie magic” we say many times. That magic that takes us to distant places of our imagination, making us forget our real problems, thinking ourselves costars -as an observer of the facts of stories in universes that are a reflection of our witness. Marvel Is Your God Permit me the joke is one of the great hens golden eggs about it. His magic is to do the desires and dreams of the ninth art lovers called reality, while attracting the rest.

‘Doctor Strange’ (id., Scott Derrickson, 2016) had every chance to move away from the routine exits studio films, almost all cut from the same pattern, with scripts that seem written not by people but by software . The character Stan Lee and Steve Didko created in the image and likeness of actor Vincent Pricearrives full of magic and tricks to Marvel universe which extends locust plague. Like Robert Downey Jr. was vital to make Tony Stark / Iron Man,Benedecit Cumberbatch it is for this film.

doctor-strange-the-magic-of-benedict-cumberbatch-and-michael-giacchinoDerrickson, with one of his usual collaborators, C. Robert Cargill -co-author of the libretto of the best film Derrickson to date: ‘Sinister’ (id . , 2012) – more Jon Spaiths, trying to build a story that aside, on the average as possible, I offered so far in the Marvel universe tiresome and repetitive. They have not succeeded. Even being Derrickson’s film more entertaining than the average , the story is as usual but with another wrapper. Another toy without personality – not want that in Marvel that relies unabashedly in the work of an actor and a musician.

At the foot of Cumberbatch

Benedecit Cumberbatch is one of the actors of the moment. His role in the extraordinary series ‘Sherlock’ (Id., 2010-2017), the fourth and final season will see in January- he opened wide the gates of the seventh art. He has shown in the chameleonic actor who is taking charge of any kind of character. However, this too reminiscent Holmes. This is obviously a nod to one of the comic book character, but at times it feels that Martin Freeman appear around a corner of the plane.

Despite this déjà vu with the central character , who got Cumberbatch above and many other well – known actors, including Jared Leto – actor takes over the film without suffering too much about it. The composition makes the character serves to empathize with the public and that it will swallow everything surrounding Don Cumberbatch, even a universe that stretches to infinity the possibilities of what Christopher Nolan built in ‘Origin’ (‘Inception’, 2010).

British actor shows found like a fish in water. The written character seems no doubt for him. . In other words Benedict Cumberbatch does not play an excellent Doctor Strange; the character is really adapted to the actor, who has a whole megablockbuster at his feet to show off everything he pleases. And so it does. While the rest of the cast has nothing to do with her. In addition, drawing the other characters borders on the schematic, even cliché. Actors like Chiwetel Ejiofor ,Tilda Swinton and Mads Mikkelsen are greatly underutilized. Besides entering and leaving scene because.

Giacchino, the storyteller

Overcoming the disappointment of seeing an actor category Mikkelsen do not understand their participation in the film, except for the check- relegated to a couple of action sequences, dialogues even with little spark in the search of humor some films Marvel – “you have no idea how to use it, no?” – what is really worrying is witnessing a very simple story that can be summed up in people, forgiveness, dolls, running and jumping.

Some items, oh, surprise, seem influenced by what makes Marvel on television, where they are also creating their own universe with characters say ahem second category, and for me far preferable to what they do in the movies. So the role of also wasted Rachel McAdams looks like a variation of Rosario Dawson in ‘Daredevil’ ( ‘Id., 2015), to cite one example. Part of climax reminiscent of another great series, very long, and which would have been great Cumberbacth as possible … Doctor.

Scott Derrickson, who had to enjoy his own writing and filming the movie because it deals with issues that obsess, such as faith or the existence of other worlds / dimensions / whatever, does not abuse the typical visual tachycardia products Marvel, and his pulse is stronger in intimate sequences. But who really tells ‘Doctor Strange’ is Michael Giacchino, who returns to give us a score full of emotion and rhythm. Music shows more adventure than the picture. Giacchino goes further than Derrickson “beyond time”.

Do not go yet. There will still be more. And more. And more

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