The Benefits of Manual Bending Tools

With a range of different sizes and styles, manual bending tools can also be as complicated as they need to be. As with any other sectors of manufacturing, automation in the shape of CNC machinery has had a massive impact on bending tools. There is still, however, a market for manual bending tools, especially when it comes to altering the shape of tools.

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The UK manufacturing sector emerged from a seven-year low in output at the end of 2019. This is in part down to the skills and experience of those within the workforce, with demand in homeware, sports and leisure goods and luxury items driving this improvement. Expertise with equipment such as manual metal bending tools is certainly one aspect which helps to assure the quality of British-made products.

Dedicated Tools

Manual metal bending is fairly self-explanatory. The process here is either carried out by hand or using a bending machine which works manually. A person must be physically involved in the bending in some way, whether placing materials, operating machinery or generally being responsible for the bending happening without the use of any programmable controls.

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This is the exact opposite of CNC machinery, where control is handed entirely to a computer, with data fed into the device and bending taking place automatically.

Due to the dedicated nature of metal bending machines, they are only adept at one type of bending – only performing their function in a single way. Most metal tube bending machines will not be able to be adjusted to any other shape. For more information about this equipment, click here for bending machines.

Advantages of Manual Bending Tools

Speedy set-up is possible with a manual bending tool. As it is only configured for a single sort of bend, it will readily accept metal and bend it with ease. A singular configuration also increases consistency, with parts produced to the same shape repeatedly.

This speedy set-up also ensures that the machine can be used with a quick turnaround between machining parts.

All of these benefits also ensure that it is quick and straightforward to use these tools, making training a fast enterprise and allowing employees to be inducted into safe working on the machine rapidly.

For dedicated machinery that gets the job done with the minimum fuss, ensure you are using manual bending tools.

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