Why do people choose cosmetic dentistry?

You might think that the first thing people notice when they meet you is your hair or clothes. It is, in fact, your smile. A great smile is a real asset and one which many people want to improve on and protect. That’s why more and more people are choosing cosmetic dentistry and here are some of the benefits:

Get a better smile

Not everyone is born with great teeth and a dazzling smile. Others suffer deterioration in their teeth over time. Cosmetic dentistry can improve your looks and the health of your teeth.

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Pearly Whites

If you are feeling self-confident about staining or discolouration of your teeth, then bleaching and whitening treatments can give you back your confidence. Perhaps you have an important job interview or social occasion coming up and really want to look your dazzling best. You can have a custom-made gel made for you by your dentist and teeth can be whitened by up to seven shades!


If you’ve suffered an incident that has left you with missing or broken teeth, cosmetic dentistry can be used to restore your teeth by offering a bridge or crown for example. Cavities can also be filled with teeth-coloured substances and matching crown to make them almost invisible.

Be healthier

When you enjoy the improvements made by cosmetic dentistry, you are also increasing and restoring your dental health. Better dental health has a significant effect on overall well-being and life quality. For a Cosmetic dentist Cardiff, visit www.cathedraldentalclinic.com/cosmetic-dentistry-cardiff

Reshaping and Straightening

For those with badly shaped teeth or gaps that make you feel self-conscious, cosmetic dentistry can offer solutions. These include tooth-coloured bonding, crowns, inlays and onlays. Many people who have received this treatment are amazed at the results and wish they’d done it sooner.

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Temporomandibular joint therapy

This joint connects the head and the lower jaw, making it the vital joint that allows the jaw to move. Disorders in this area can be extremely painful and even effect the shape and appearance of the face. Cosmetic dentistry can help to realign the teeth and jaw, reducing the risk of further development of the condition.

Feel better when socialising

Socially, a great smile is a big asset, enhancing your personality and increasing your appeal. This gives your self-esteem a major boost, which can in turn improve your relationships and boost your productivity at work.

Cosmetic dentistry has effects on a wider area of your life than you might first imagine. Improving your health and appearance will have positive knock-on effects in all areas of your life.

Cosmetic dentists can carry out the following treatments:


Whitening and bleaching



Invisible aligners

Reshaping and contouring

Gum sculpting

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