Torro Rosso and Honda: What to Know About the Promising Partnership

In 2018, two names that have long been synonymous with F1 joined together in what is hoped, by both parties, will be a successful partnership. Torro Rosso first entered a team into F1 more than thirty years ago in 1985, while Honda has been involved in the sport, in various guises, since the early nineteen sixties.

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Both parties have been less successful than they would have hoped in recent years, and both have a desire to get back to winning ways.

The Price of Success

It’s a well-known fact that for most teams a podium finish is more important than making a profit, and that’s just as well given the numbers that are involved in putting a car on the starting grid. According to Raconteur, it runs into hundreds of millions of pounds.

This is no different for the newly formed Torro Rosso and Honda team, and a small fortune will already have been spent on testing days alone. The results of these tests have been extremely promising. At the end of two weeks, Torro Rosso had managed nearly double the number of laps that McLaren, Honda’s partner last season, achieved. These results seem even more miraculous when you consider Honda’s disastrous introduction of a newly designed engine concept in 2017 which was the final nail in the coffin of their relationship with McLaren.

Torro Rosso, having never topped the team list, often struggled to secure a credible partner and was often playing catch up, so this partnership has the potential to be a win-win.

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Seeing the Partnership Live

You can, of course, follow the progress of this newly formed partnership on TV. But if you’re a real motorsport enthusiast, there can surely be nothing better than getting up close and personal with the cars and circuit and attending one of the twenty-one F1 events in person.

For a real VIP treat why not book a package with a company such as They can offer entrance to France’s F1 Paddock Club as well as access to areas you won’t get to see on a standard ticket.

So 2018 will be an exciting and, hopefully, successful year for these two partners who have struggled to achieve the victories they crave in previous years. While only time will tell, early indications are promising.

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