7 tips to improve your website

Sometimes, small changes can have a big impact on how well your website performs. Here are seven tips to help with everything from search rankings to user experience.

7 tips to improve your website

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Update the interface

The interface of a website needs to be intuitive, or visitors will be baffled and may never come back. A modern site should have an interface which reflects the need for ordered simplicity, as well as one which works well on mobile devices, not just desktops.

Embrace space

Remembering that space is important can make your site look better and feel less cluttered. This not only applies to leaving gaps between content, but also to properly formatting copy, so that it is not squashed up and hard to read cleanly.

Consider colours

Colours are not just relevant when it comes to web branding, but also the broader look and feel of a site. Neutral hues work best, but trends come and go, with modern sites veering towards the natural end of the spectrum, with softer tones perceived to be more professional.

7 tips to improve your website2

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Factor in fonts

Picking a font that reflects and enhances the design ethos of your brand and site will really bring your digital presence to life. Do not forget that readability should also be a paramount concern, and fonts should be legible on devices of all shapes and sizes.

Optimise buttons

If you have forms on your site, whether to enable mailing list sign-ups or e-commerce transactions, then buttons are a necessity. By making sure they are designed to look good, visitors will find it hard to resist clicking them, even if the function they perform is not especially exciting in its own right.

Actionable content

The earlier a call to action comes on a web page, the more likely it will hit its target and convince a visitor to engage. Working with a modern digital agency like http://www.rycomarketing.co.uk/web-design.html, who provide web design in Belfast, should enable you to learn more about impactful tactics like this.


Web design that aims to improve page load speed is recommended, especially since most visitors will likely be using mobile devices with wireless connections that are not always consistently quick. Streamlining pages so they are optimised for excellent performance on any type of connection is a good idea, both from a user’s perspective and when it comes to SEO.

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