Tips for knitting toys

Knitted toys make the perfect gifts for babies, children, and those who have a soft spot for all things cute and cuddly.
Knitted toys are a great project, even for beginners. There is little need to worry too much about tension or gauge, except where you are making something of a specific size.

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Here are our top tips:

1. Start knitting in your chosen yarn. Most knitted toys are completed in separate parts, making them an easy project.

2. Knit in either garter or stocking stitch, using smaller needles than usually recommended for the weight of the yarn.

3. Stitch together the pieces, using mattress stitch on the right side for a neat finish; alternatively, backstitch on the wrong side for a small and neat ridge.

4. Stuff the pieces quite firmly to maintain their shape. Use certified safety stuffing and add a little at a time for a great finish.


Macrame is the art of crafting fabric or pieces from individual knots. It is a sound starting point for anyone who is a complete novice at knitting and needlework.

A ready-made macrame kit is a great way to dip your toe into the world of hand-crafted knitted toys; for example, the Little Fairies macrame kit enables a crafter to create 18 dainty and magical figurines. It comes complete with everything needed to complete the project, including instructions, a manual, yarn, beads, and a darning needle. It is available in a host of beautiful colours.

Visit a stockist such as for a huge selection of macrame kit designs, including the Little Fairies kit. Macrame kits are suitable for beginners through to intermediate level.

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Handcrafted toys are full of beauty and sentiment, making for the perfect keepsake to pass down through generations.

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