The dos and don’ts of showering

You may not think about showering that much or at least you’ve got it down to a fine art of in and out safe in the knowledge that you have not used too much water as opposed to having a bath. While you might spend a bit of time cleaning down the 8mm shower glass panels which, if they’re looking a bit water stained and grubby, you might want to replace after a visit to, there are other things that you might want to contemplate having a go at when you’re in there. You never know, it might change your life (it probably wont to be fair but thinking about life and all its random intricacies is bound to come up on this list at some point I shouldn’t wonder).

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  1. Getting some time alone. Want a bit of space for five minutes. Get yourself in the shower. Experts in human behavioural theory have found that running water seems to act like a kind of psychological barrier to most humans not to come in.
  2. Thinking about stuff. See I was right about life intricacies. It’s a really good time to start planning stuff out like a holiday or a meal or day out somewhere or a shopping list or whether you should get a Cat or the pro’s and cons of skateboarding.
  3. Keep your eyes closed when you shower. It will make you work your instincts harder plus you might discover textures and elements to the body that you weren’t away of before but touch can enlighten you on.
  4. Put the radio on. We’re not talking about listening to music. Go for a longer soak and put on 5live or Radio 4 and listen. When you are walking about or driving there are many distractions but with the shower you get a bubble around you that allows you to focus on what you are listening to and then you can apply rule 2. The one thing you do not want to do is bring in a mains powered radio or battery operated one. Invest in a special shower radio which is much safer.

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  1. Yes it is ok to do this in fact it might also be very good for your mental health wellbeing. It is the ultimate expression and the water can mask how bad you are. Just don’t start thinking that you should go onto the X factor and provide more ridicule fodder for Simon Cowell.

Other ideas are to daube yourself with a essential oils like lavender and jasmine to give you a nice bit of smell and if you do get a sudden inspiration then a white board and waterproof pen to write you eureka moment down might come in handy.

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