How to give your period property a new lease of life

With its host of original features, from high ceilings and open fireplaces to exposed beams, your house will have its distinct charm and personality.

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Do you love where you live and don’t want to move but could do with more light and space? If so, why not consider the addition of a modern extension to enhance your home? This could offer not only much-needed extra space but also a complete lifestyle change.

Spend time deciding what you want. Researching all you need to know about building an extension will pay dividends and achieve an outstanding result.

Old and new, contrast or complement

Do you favour a striking addition that can make the original features more obvious? Perhaps you prefer the sympathetic approach, blending with the current personality and maintaining similar construction materials and style. You could have the best of both worlds by using traditional base materials with contemporary and stylish floor-to-ceiling glass or windows.

Use of space

Are there rooms or areas of your house that are currently underutilised? Perhaps now is the time to consider rearranging and repurposing rooms to their best advantage. Replacing a narrow, steep staircase could make a world of difference to your property.

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Popular types of extension

– Opening up the rear of the property to create an open-plan kitchen, dining and living area, leading directly out to the garden.

– Single-storey side and/or rear extension, often incorporating a ground floor bedroom and bathroom. This is great for an elderly relative or visiting family and friends.

– Double-storey extension, creating that much-needed larger master bedroom suite, or perhaps move the bathroom upstairs and create a larger kitchen and utility room downstairs.

– Garage conversion, which is an obvious choice if your garage is too small for the modern car and has become a dumping ground. The structure is already there, with no major building work required.

– Loft conversion, again providing an obvious answer without taking away outside space. This will depend on the construction of the roof and available head height.

If you will be remortgaging to cover the cost of your extension and need a conveyancer, check out professionals such as

Planning permission

Depending on your decision, planning permission and building regulation approval may be necessary. Always check and make any applications before starting work.

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