Fashionable Children’s Haircuts For Boys

Fashionable Children's Haircuts For Boys

Gone are the days when all boys, regardless of age, went to the kindergarten, to the school with the same hairstyle. Modern parents are tirelessly studying magazines, online publishing photos of fashionable children’s haircuts for boys, trying to make their child as stylish and bright as possible to match his desires, tastes, character.

Principles for choosing haircuts for boys

The child’s tastes are certainly important even in the case of the youngest visitors to the salons. However, age also matters: if parents can easily negotiate with a tiny preschooler or junior high school student by giving convincing arguments, then only a failed experiment will often help to change the opinion of a high school boy. Here, the task of adults is that the teenager should prefer the “least possible evil”.

The basic principles of haircuts selection for a boy:

  • by age (for babies – not requiring styling, older children – complex, elongated);
  • by type of face (asymmetrical fit to any oval, facial features, short and classic – for children with regular features);
  • by hair type (thin hair is shorter, thick beautifully lay down with long, sharp, multi-level strands, a curved one needs a special approach);
  • by character, activities (active boys like rebellious, stylish, creative haircuts, sports – short, calm and modest children – classic).

Fashionable Children's Haircuts For Boys

Fashionable hairstyles for kids

Haircut for crumbs younger than 5 years often turns into a continuous series of attempts to make the boy sit quietly for at least a few minutes. This task is perfectly handled by specialized children’s hairdresser with cartoons, toys, and a pleasant atmosphere.

Fashionable haircuts for boys are a hard-to-reach result even for specialists in children’s salons. Therefore, the ideal option for a boy from 1 year to 5 years old is a classic hairstyle that can be created in 15-20 minutes. At this age, children’s hair is thin and light, they fit perfectly in the traditional “cap”, “hedgehog”, and other simple hairstyles.

Fashionable Children's Haircuts For Boys

Dandies from 5 and up

Children of preschool and primary school age can already make beautiful haircuts for boys. The main condition is a comfort, the absence of complicated styling and, naturally, the hairstyle should appeal to a young fashionist.

For the “Canadian” is characterized by the absence of long curls on the temples, the back of the head, in the upper part of the hair is left long. On its basis, you can easily create several variants of hairstyles, from the “Iroquois” to the conservative classics with a side parting.

Fashionable Children's Haircuts For Boys

They remind the “Canadian” male youth haircuts “undercut” that have passed into children’s fashion and “Hitlerjuvent” similar to it. The difference between these two hairstyles is small: it is clearly seen in the photo that in the “undercard” the whiskey with the back of the head is shaved almost completely, and in the “Hitler” the long bangs smoothly pass into the clipped head.

Creative and classic haircuts for teens

Today there is no clear division of boy’s haircuts for children and teenagers; everything determines the taste of the child, his parents, as well as the general trends in the school, the boy’s closest circle of contacts. Thus, the “Mohawk” has the same success in children of seven years and high school students. The difference is only in the length of this Mohawk. If a young child has a stylish haircut with his hair upright and perfectly combines with a classic jacket, a bow tie, then for a 15-year-old boy it will become part of a rebellious image, shocking others.

Fashionable Children's Haircuts For Boys

The same can be said about “hedgehog.” Younger boys are usually cut short; teenagers prefer to leave hair with elongation on the back of the head. In any case, in the photo and in life, the “hedgehog” looks mischievous, stylish, catchy at any length.

“Boxing” and “half box” are two variants of one haircut, which has long become a classic. The difference is clearly visible in the photo: the elongated hair in the upper part is characteristic of “boxing” and “half-box”, but in the latter version the strands are longer on the temples and the back of the head. Looks great for children’s creative haircuts based on “boxing” with shaved stencil patterns. For a younger boy, the drawing-symbol of the hero of the beloved cartoon will suit; teenagers choose abstraction, various “secret signs”. This hairstyle has a couple of minutes:

  • picture and the haircut as a whole will have to be adjusted at least once a month;
  • Stencil drawings are good only on dark hair, they are almost invisible in blond boys.

Fashionable Children's Haircuts For Boys

For straight and curly hair

Holders of curly hair often suffer from a choice of haircut: unruly curls, it seems, can nullify any design concept, the most fashionable creative children’s haircut. However, there are several options for hairstyles for the boy, which are equally suitable for straight and curly hair. “Cap” is ideal for kids with straight hair. In this case, as shown in the photo below, the hair is cut almost “under the pot” so that the bangs and the back of the head are of the same length. Curly boys need a graduated haircut, then the curls will be distributed more evenly and you can avoid the effect of “African hairstyle.”

Another universal model for a boy with curls or slightly curly hair is Caesar. It’s plus in a variety of variations and comfort: short at the temples, nape and long bangs in the region, the top of the head hair allow you to create a romantic sloppy or classic look for any occasion.

Children’s haircut “bob” is not very different from adult male options. She is good because it is suitable for lovers of long hair and supporters of conservative hairstyles. A great option for a teenager who takes care of himself, because it requires frequent washing, styling using styling products.

Fashionable Children's Haircuts For Boys

The variety of fashionable modern haircuts for boys allows you to choose the best option, taking into account all the wishes of the child, his tastes, mood, character, type of hair, face, lifestyle. In addition, you can always find the option that will suit everyone: the young hunk, his parents and even the school leadership.

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