How To Achieve The Ideal Kitchen?

How To Achieve The Ideal Kitchen?

Do you want to know how to achieve the ideal kitchen? This stay is usually one of the most important spaces of our house, even becoming the center of a family reunion. However, sometimes it is too small or is poorly distributed, something that happens frequently, which prevents us from having enough space to move comfortably. Fortunately, with adequate distribution and some simple tricks, we can get the ideal kitchen for us.

How To Achieve The Ideal Kitchen?

Distribution of the ideal kitchen according to its shape

The first factor to take into account when distributing the kitchen is the shape of the room, that is,  its type of floor and dimensions. Depending on this it will be more advisable to install one and another kind of furniture and distribute them in different ways. According to experts, it is best to follow the following rules.

Kitchen in the shape of “U”:  we can take advantage of three of its walls, obtaining a large storage space and a large work surface. In addition, we will be really comfortable at the time of cooking.

Kitchen with “L” shape: it is probably the most common structure, ideal for kitchens of any size. It is very comfortable to work in it, being the most advisable when distributing the kitchen to concentrate the storage areas and the refrigerator in the corners, leaving the cooking area and the sink in the center.

Long and narrow kitchen:  the best thing, in this case, is to use a single wall, reserving the center of the same for the cooking zone. It is what is called “cooking online”.

Kitchen in parallel:  ideal for rectangular kitchens, provided they are not too narrow. It consists of assigning each of the two long walls to the workspace and to the storage space, respectively.

Kitchen with the island:  When choosing the distribution of this type of kitchen, the key is to place the rest of the furniture in parallel, taking advantage of the island as a work surface, storage, table to eat, etc.

How To Achieve The Ideal Kitchen?

Once we have decided the base, which is essential for good functionality, we can resort to other tricks. Lighting, for example, is one of the most important details for the kitchen. For greater comfort, it is advisable to place the dining area (in case the kitchen is of these characteristics) near the window, while for the rest of the space, artificial light sources will suffice. It is important to have good visibility on the countertop and on the entire work surface.

On the other hand, the soft tones provide illumination and visually enlarge the room. Therefore, experts advise opting for white, pearl gray and, in general, pastel colors. We can add more striking little touches with the complements (pictures, flowers, shelves, etc.).

It is fundamental, when reforming our kitchen, to have professional help that can help us put these ideas into practice.

Are you ready to achieve the ideal kitchen? We help you to achieve it.

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