How quickly should I see my SEO activity improve?

At the beginning of your SEO endeavours, you may be tempted to ask how quickly you will begin to see results. Although this is a reasonable question, it is not one that is easy to answer, as changes in how SEO works means your question is not quite as focused as it should be.

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While the central task of SEO used to be to rank highly for a small selection of keywords, a significant shift – partly due to the prevalence of virtual assistants such as Siri – now means that searches featuring questions that would occur within natural conversations require more attention.

What question should you be asking?

Although rankings still matter, how effective these rankings are at generating leads and sales is infinitely more important; however, it is also important to note that asking how quickly you will see an improvement in your leads and sales figures will not lead to an easy answer. Put simply, there are several contributing factors that all play a part.

The quality of your website, your content, and how much work has gone into building a successful SEO strategy will affect the results of your current SEO endeavours. This means it is important to invest in a high-quality website from an agency that specialises in Web Design Yorkshire, such as or websites similar to this, with a team that possesses a variety of skills.

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What to expect

Although no two websites are identical and depending on your budget, it generally takes between four and six months to begin seeing tangible, positive results. The first month will be dedicated to planning your keyword strategy and research, with month two full of website modifications, link profile work and content building. A lot of SEO will take place at this point, but you will not see any results until all the alterations have been made.

The third month will be full of content creation. This will stretch into month four, when you should begin to see your rankings, leads and traffic improve. Month five should see your social media strategy being incorporated, amplifying the content created throughout previous months and increasing your reach.

As results will consistently improve over time, it is imperative to stick with a SEO strategy and ensure that you set reasonable, measured expectations at the outset.

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