Want a dazzling smile? Independent teeth whitening

Independent teeth whitening

From the TV screens, from advertising posters constantly look smiling people with beautiful, even and white teeth. But what if nature slightly offended you? At least, for sure – do not get upset. All today, modern dentistry offers a wide range of all kinds of services, including teeth whitening.

You can give a snow-white look to your smile without leaving your home. If, for example, use special whitening pencils, gels and whole sets of bleaching agents. Whitening strips, toothpaste are easy to use and affordable. There are also semiprofessional sets for teeth whitening. In a set with them goes a special kapa, in which you need to pour a little whitening agent and then put on your teeth. Sometimes, in order to achieve the desired result, several procedures are sufficient.

However, it should be remembered that after teeth whitening it is necessary to try not to eat food products, not to drink tea and coffee, to refuse cigarettes. If you do not comply with at least a few days to comply with this condition, the effect of home whitening may prove unstable.

If, for some reason, you cannot afford to buy a whitening kit, try to use the secrets of grandparents who also were willing to demonstrate their snow-white smile. And what is most remarkable, people’s recipes are still in demand.

The most popular among home dentifrices were and still are:

Activated charcoal

Good results when whitening teeth gives the use of several tablets of activated charcoal. Grind activated charcoal capsules into powder and brush your teeth. Do not be afraid that your teeth will turn black from this procedure: after several mouth rinses, the activated charcoal will be washed, and the enamel will become white.

Salt against plaque

Good strengthens and polishes the enamel of ordinary table salt. Take a small piece of gauze or a napkin, soak it in warm water and dip into small table salt. Now rub your teeth for a few minutes and rinse your mouth. After several such procedures, your teeth will acquire natural whiteness.

Wood Ash

Potassium hydroxide contained in wood ash is an excellent absorbent and an excellent bleaching agent. You need to use it as well as soda: apply to the brush and brush your teeth. And of course, do not forget the feeling about the measure. Otherwise, you can seriously thin the tooth enamel. And there and to the doctor – not far.

Natural gifts for the beauty of teeth

A good whitening effect is possessed by strawberry and strawberry berries containing natural bleaching substances. Grind the berries in a gruel and apply for a few minutes on the teeth, and then brush and rinse thoroughly with water.

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