14 original gifts for Valentine’s Day

14 original gifts for Valentine’s Day

For romantics, it is the most beautiful day of the year, for singles an authentic curse, but on any side, you look at Valentine’s Day and it will continue to be a date to mark on the calendar.

On February 14th love wins over everything, but also fantasy plays a leading role. To distinguish oneself is essential, choosing ingenious, tender or unexpected gifts. To make your task easier, we suggest you our personal list of the most original thoughts for this Valentine’s Day; you can easily find them all online. See also our travel ideas for Valentine’s Day.

1. The original print of your photos14 original gifts for Valentine's Day

What’s more romantic than to remember the good moments spent together every day? Surely, in the age of social networks, you will have dozens and dozens of photos taken in moments and in the most peculiar situations. Instead of printing them in the traditional way, Polabox offers you the possibility of storing them in Polaroid format, posters or like cool fridge magnets. Just connect the site to your social profiles (or upload them from your PC), select the photos you want to print, choose the format, pay and wait for them to arrive home to surprise your sweetheart.

2. Eggling14 original gifts for Valentines Day

egglingSeen from outside it looks like a normal egg, but when your boyfriend / a will open it will have a pleasant surprise: inside the shell hides a seedling ready to sprout and grow. Perfect for decorating your kitchen and to always have fresh aromatic plants at your fingertips, essential for your dishes, to be cooked together naturally!

3. Endless candles14 original gifts for Valentines Day

An infinity-candle this innovative idea, rewarded for its original design, comes from a simple concept: to place a candle between two mirrored surfaces to produce the illusion of infinite candles that sparkle at the same time. The perfect gift to create the right atmosphere for your dinner for two.

4. Telescopic pole for selfie14 original gifts for Valentines Day

Telescopic pole for selfieAlways for the lovers of the photographs the essential gadget of the year is the telescopic pole to take selfies. An accessory that will allow you to take all the photos you want without having to ask the collaboration of any passerby. Not to lose even a moment of your love story.

5. A catapult of Cupids14 original gifts for Valentine’s Day

Cupid gun Make love or war? Without a doubt, this is the perfect combination … to have fun with your lover without taking yourself too seriously!

6. A jar of … “reasons why I love you”14 original gifts for Valentine’s Day

If you have time and a very low budget (not to say non-existent) this is the perfect gift. Focus on seeing the best moments you have spent together, the phrases or words that remind you of funny anecdotes and the qualities that you adore your partner. Bring it back to 365 cards, maybe in different colors depending on the category. Fold them all and insert them into a glass jar, like those of jams. Voilà, here is a low cost thought that will cheer up your boyfriend or your girlfriend for a whole year … until next Valentine’s Day.



7. The sexy game of truth14 original gifts for Valentine’s Day

Sexy game truth100 ideas of seduction to revive or liven up your life as a couple, in and out of bed. The “spicy” box is indeed full of sticks, which on the one hand reveal a sexual truth; on the other, they suggest a more courageous and thrusting version. For those who want to dare and suggest, through Valentine’s gift, the prospect of many nights of passion…

8. A romantic and perfect dinner cooked at home14 original gifts for Valentine’s Day

If you are not too expressive, you miss the right words or do not ever hit the right gifts … why not give a fantastic dinner by candlelight and in your home? Do not worry if you are a mess in the kitchen, you can call in your help a chef at home who will prepare a surprising menu based on

On your tastes and will ensure that the evening is unforgettable.

9. Toast ‘I love you’14 original gifts for Valentine’s Day

There are many ways to say “I love you”, but surprising your loved one with an unexpected morning message could prove to be one of the most effective. We are sure that hot toast that expresses a declaration of love will not leave the partner indifferent: with this “I love you” mold your romantic thoughts will be more original!

10. The Butler14 original gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s butler As soon as you enter the house, your boyfriend is among those who throw the keys on one side, the glasses on the other and support the wallet who knows where? This gift will make your (and your) happiness: a comfortable wall structure with clock, space to place glasses, keys and wallet. The perfect organizer for men (but also women) messy!

11. The Cookie Sutra14 original gifts for Valentine’s Day

Cookie Sutra Box There are occasions when sex should be taken with a little sense of humor, so we recommend this book by Edward Jaye as Valentine’s gift: an original version of the Kama Sutra illustrated by some nice cookies. The most famous erotic book in the world meets the kitchen, for a sweet and fun break!

12. A tree14 original gifts for Valentine’s Day

Tree Why not choose a useful and ecological gift to help fight deforestation? The “Tree Nation” social network gives you the possibility to donate a tree: you just have to decide the species and indicate the name and email of the chosen person. Your partner can virtually follow the growth of the plant, and on the site, you will also have the space to write a message of love.

13. A star14 original gifts for Valentine’s Day

Can you imagine something more romantic than calling a star with the name of the person you love? This is the perfect gift for people who love Valentine’s Day and who want their gift, like their love, to be eternal!

14. A dreams Gift Card14 original gifts for Valentine’s Day

What’s better than a trip as a gift for Valentine’s Day? Make a dream and why not, accompany your partner to discover the destination he has always dreamed of visiting! You can buy vouchers up to $500 and personalize them with the sweetest phrase you can think of, eDrems will deliver it to your loved one.

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