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There are some truly unbelievable homes that have a list of features that will leave you astounded. Some of these homes are so large and so expensive that you can’t even imagine people having that kind of money to begin with! They are stunning and awesome – the kinds of homes we can only dream of. Here are just a few examples of the most Beautiful houses in the world:

Versailles, Florida

As the name suggests, this mansion was fashioned after the luxurious regal residence in France. This home in Florida is the largest family home ever built in the United States. It contains 30 bedrooms, a bowling alley, an ice rink and Olympic sized swimming pool. The windows were all hand-built and cost more than £2 million alone. At $75 million, the property also includes a ballroom, children’s theatre, three pools, formal gardens, a boathouse and a garage for 20 cars. You’ll also find 2 tennis courts, a 30 foot stained glass dome, a huge kitchen with 10 satellite kitchens, a 2 storey wine cellar, 3 spas and an 80 foot waterfall in a rock grotto. There is more but I think you get the picture. This isn’t a home, it’s a leisure complex!

Through the keyhole

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The Manalapan Residence, Florida

This is a really stunning oceanfront residence set in 5.5 acres. It blends Old World elegance with modern facilities and does it with classic style. The 3 storey beach home comes with 67,672 square feet, 24 bathrooms, 14 bedrooms, movie theatre, casino, gym and beauty salon. There are 2 lifts, a bowling alley, a go cart track and a tennis court. This sounds like paradise and could be yours if you have a spare $135 million. For more information, visit a site with beautiful houses

The Shell House, Nagano

This property is nestled in the forest in Karuizawa, Nagano. It is a modern design and made from reinforced concrete. The designers have cleverly constructed the outside to look like two smoothly curved white ovals, like a shell. The home has a unique, smooth and rounded feel which continues throughout the interior as well. The space is designed to accommodate the humid climate so is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

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The world’s first billion dollar home, Antilla in Mumbai

This is one home that could easily be mistaken for a skyscraper. This visually stunning construction is a staggering 27 stories high. It also cost a whopping 2 billion dollars to construct. The property boasts 400,000 square feet and is named Antilla. All designs and furniture are different and unique on each floor. This is the world’s largest and most expensive residential property and the huge variation in materials used on each floor, vastly increased the cost.

Updown Court, England

A palatial construction 25 miles from London, this home is worth more than £85 million. It is a beautiful home with 103 rooms, 5 swimming pools, bowling alley, cinema, heated marble driveway and 24 carat gold leaf on the study’s mosaic floor. Complete with helipad and an underground garage for 8 limousines, you get the general idea when you’re told your nearby neighbours include the Queen and Elton John!

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