Kratom addiction

In Thailand kratom is a part of their people’s life and their culture. Thai people used to chew kratom leaf after dessert or in their leisure time. Some people using kratom as smoking elements. But there are some mad users who take too much kratom in to fulfill their opium wishes. These people overuse and misuse kratom leaf and kratom products. We can call them kratom addicted people. For these people kratom is now banned in Thailand and most of the countries of Southeast Asia.

We know kratom has so many good sides. Kratom’s alkaloid elements can help us to relief from any pain. It can make us energetic physically and makes us more concentrated. It’s also has a great ability to control our blood pressure. Using a little large amount of kratom products can sexually desired us. So there are so many valuable clinical and medicinal effects of kratom products. In the other side of page kratom has a little amount of opium effect. These amounts of opium can’t be harmful to our health. Using an amount of 10-50 μg/L of kratom products can be helpful for our daily life. The safety amount can be little up or low which depends on user age and health. If anyone crosses the safety limit it can be the cause of some trouble for user. Using the big dose of kratom like 100 μg/L can be cause of vomiting, sweating and headache. If anybody takes an amount of 300 μg/L or more it can be devastating for the user. This amount of kratom products can be the cause of life or death matter. Kratom alkaloid elements also have some opium nature. So some people can use kratom as a drug product. That’s why in the Southeast Asian countries, government forbid to cultivate kratom without special license. Find more about kratom on kratom journal.

So now we know how kratom helps us to lead an easy life. But we also show you the result of misuse and overuse of kratom products. There is a little possibility to misuse the kratom products but it can be used for good reason in many ways. So Southeast Asian government should consider this and they should make a proper act to spread kratom cultivation.

If you are a patient of any critical disease you definitely should take your doctor’s advice before using kratom and kratom products. In our websites you can read more articles about kratom. Be alert be safe. And don’t misuse kratom products.

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