5 herbal remedies or sedative herbs

In the following list, I would like to introduce you to psychoactive plants, which have a sedative effect, so that they are sober, relaxing, soothing and, scientifically, mostly acting on the GABA receptor.

Here are the 5 sedative herbs …

1) Mulungu (Erythrina mulungu)

Mulungu has been used for some time in the traditional natural medicine of some cultures as a sedative and medicinal herb. Above all the bark of the plant contains some psychoactive substances, which act clearly on the GABA receptors.

The dried bark (powdered or cut) can be taken or smoked (vaporized) orally in tea or in capsules. Mulungu is a really potent natural sleeping puddle and is not for nothing sometimes referred to as herbal benzodiazepine!

2) Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa)

One of the most famous sedative plants is definitely kratom. The active substances (above all 7-hydroxy-mitragynine) act opioid, thus belonging to the same substance class as heroin and morphine. You can know more about kratom here http://kratomtruth.com/

The addictive potential of Kratom is by no means as high as that of other representatives of the opioids, but still should not be underestimated. Daily consumption leads after some time to a physical dependency and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

Moreover, Kratom can very well be used as a downer / sedative. It is not as sluggish as Mulungu and has quite a stimulating, uppende component. Depending on the type and dose, Kratom acts more sedating or lentender, higher doses usually generally downed and the super green malay kratom varieties are known for their sedative effect.

3. Genuine hops (Humulus lupulus)

Even if hop sounds sometimes unimpressive, there is potential in this plant. It is, of course, mainly known as beer, but it also works alone. Especially in higher dosages (to achieve the best either from much pure herb to make a tea or extract in powder form) hops significantly slows and soothing. In addition, muscle relaxation also occurs and you can feel carefree.

4. Passion flower (Passiflora incarnata)

The passion flower contains high concentrations of effective flavonoids and, although in negligible dosage, harman alkaloids (MAO inhibitors). Caution, it is probably only the passion flower with the botanical name Passiflora incarnata effective. If you use the right plant, sedative effects occur!

5. Genuine valerian (Valeriana officinalis)

Valerian is widely known for its sedative effect and is often recommended by physicians in sleep disorders. Preparations in the drugstore are usually too low doses to have a pleasant effect; it is therefore advisable to buy extracts or the herb itself. Also the root (Valerianae radix) is psychoactive and can be used as herbal sleeping agent. Highly dosed valerian is definitely one of the most effective sedatives!

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