How to Take Kratom

In this article, we’ve decided to take all the Reddit research and forum polling out of your future and provide a comprehensive list of the ways to take kratom.  It’s up to you to find which one works best for your lifestyle, but it is recommended you try each at least once to find out.  Disclaimer: alkaloids affect different body types in different ways.  Some methods may be too strong, others, too weak.  We recommend you start with minimal doses in all cases and work your way up to a comfortable level.

  • Kratom Powder is the tried-and-true delivery method for kratom. It is the easiest to acquire online, as most distributors sell it in this form, and it’s the easiest to store.  These are the dehydrated remnants of the mitragyna speciosa plant, that take on different properties according to their region of origin.  This method is much quicker than taking capsules, but usually slower than ingesting tea. See the linked article for great kratom powder recipes.
  • Kratom Capsules is powdered kratom placed into gel caps. These are the most convenient delivery system for someone who doesn’t have the time or space for the other methods, which often require more than just a sip of liquid to wash them down and can be messy. Gel caps also carry the benefit of consistent dosage, since all contain about the same amount of Kratom, and there is a time-release factor that makes them more ideal for work.  Of course, the downside for kratom capsules is that they are less useful in situations when you want to feel the effects quickly.
  • Kratom Tea is, exactly as it sounds, tea that has been brewed using kratom leaves the same way you’d use tea leaves. The tea is perhaps the most potent of the three most popular methods (the others being capsules and powder), as the hot water application is used to bring out the active qualities in kratom’s alkaloid ingredients.  This method does take longer because of the need to boil water, and requires a kitchen setup in most cases (at the very least, a microwave, a cup, and a sink).  It should also be noted that kratom isn’t something people ingest for its taste, and brewing it as tea brings out the bitterness that other methods seek to conceal.  If you’re going to make tea, consider keeping lemon, honey, and sweetener on hand to doctor it up.
  • Kratom Liquid/Oil is the stuff of genuine kratom enthusiasts, as it requires a special machine called a condenser to make. For liquid, alkaloids are extracted like tea, using boiling water, except the process is done many times over to increase potency.   Oils take this even further, using a special machine called a condenser to create an even more concentrated and potent version of kratom liquid.  Liquids can be purchased or made at home, but oils generally require a retailer with access to the condenser.
  • Finally, kratom resin is the byproduct of boiling kratom to make liquids and oils, which are gathered by changes in temperature to form hardened blocks. Like oils, these hardened blocks are the purest form of the alkaloids found in kratom, stripped of extraneous leaf matter and brought to the surface.  To take them, one simply drops a piece of resin into hot water and drinks it like tea.  The obvious downside of this method is that it takes a lot of time, expertise, and the right equipment, but there are numerous places to find resin online.

Again, we advise caution in trying methods outside of the powdered and capsule form.  Kratom carries no documented risk of serious short or long-term danger but taking high concentrations can upset the stomach like taking too much of anything. Many people say that kratom has many health benefits.

It is advisable to take the powdered form for a while until you’ve assessed how many grams your body needs to feel the desired effects, then apply that to other delivery methods until you’ve come up with a decent formula.

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